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ACRS’ central office engineering provides a wide variety of engineering services to its clients, ranging from turn-key new installation projects to specific engineering upgrades.  At ACRS we provide RUS and Telcordia standards based engineering, replacing, or integrating the latest digital central office equipment whether it be CLASS 4 or 5 digital central office upgrade or the installation of a new softswitch.  We offer engineering, contract solicitations and installation acceptance for switches, SONET and DWDM terminals, Fiber-to-the-Home and digital loop carrier central office and remote terminals and related equipment such as DSX panels, fiber patch panels and power plants.

ACRS engineered and installed the first full motion distance learning network in the country and has since engineered numerous systems capable of offering distance learning and telemedicine services.  For those interested in implementing these types of networks, ACRS also has the experience and capabilities to aid in the acquisition of Distance Learning Telemedicine (DLT) grant funding.

Whether you are proposing an upgrade for the offering of triple play services or working with local schools and hospitals for a DLT network, ACRS has the experience and knowledge to make you’re project a success.

Here at ACRS we provide standard RUS/Telcordia standards based engineering allowing the client to obtain a fair market value in upgrading, replacing, or integrating the latest digital central office equipment whether it be CLASS 4 or 5 digital central offices, SONET Optronix, STRATUM Level timing , DSX-1, DSX-3, FTTH OLT, Digital Loop Carrier implementation of GR303 concentration, MDF assistance, T-Carrier equipment provisioning, or Layer 2 or 3 data implementation. We offer a unique engineering approach given our expertise in hands on installation, provisioning and testing. We look at the “constructability” of any new plant addition while maintaining strict licensed engineering standards. ACRS respects and adheres to all state licensure requirements guarantying that a licensed professional engineer has reviewed and approved the planned project specifications. We have extensive experience with implementing digital learning technology. Our engineering design of a fiber optic facility for many other ILECs providing message/packet telephone service and a full motion clear-channel digitally interactive educational video system for high schools. We also provide pricing and amortization recovery for our ILECs clients, but more importantly guaranteed an acceptable price to four rural districts constrained by limited budgets.